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London After Midnight News

Sean Brennan

Sean Brennan Musician, songwriter, singer: Sean Brennan was born in New England, where he lived until he relocated to California and formed London After Midnight. Sean Brennan is a vegan, a progressive political activist, animal rights advocate, musician, and a multi-media artist.

Originally intending to be a film director in his childhood years, Sean became more interested in music as time passed. Sean moved to California with family when quite young and formed London After Midnight while attending school (eventually going on to study music, film, and psychology in his later school years).

Having taken guitar and piano lessons as a child, Sean intended to be the guitar player in any band he formed or joined, however when trying to form a band he was unable to find a singer or a song writer. So the only option was to become the singer and the song writer. As the years passed the same applied to the various other positions in LAM, leading Sean to take up all other instruments for writing and recording purposes up to the latest LAM CD, Violent Acts of Beauty.


    Born: July 17, Connecticut USA

    Current location: Los Angeles California

    Ethnicity: Irish, English, Dutch and a bit Native American (Iroquois)

    Sexual orientation: Straight

    Meaning of name:

      Sean: God's gracious gift.
      Brennan: Derives from one of three Irish personal names meaning "sorrow" and "raven".

    Favorite music: Jerry Goldsmith, Ron Grainer, John Williams, Bernard Herrmann, John Berry, and too much more to mention.

    Likes: Vegans, dogs, righteous indignation, antiques, Sherlock Holmes, Ralph Nader, Noam Chomsky, people who care about the world, WC Fields, basketball, any films by Frank Capra, Stephen Hawking, science, Star Wars (the OT), smart people...

    Dislikes: The 1980s and most everything associated with it, conservatives, vanity, greed, ego, hunters, animal breeders, guns, people who worship the military, people who don't know the difference between fact and opinion, racists, homophobia, ignorance...

    Blonds, Redheads or Brunettes?: Yes.

    Favorite Quote:

      Reporter: What do you think of Western Civilization?
      Gandhi: It would be a good idea.

    Favorite Color: Oh, fuck off.


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