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London After Midnight: Sample Music

London After Midnight's 2020 live album "Live From Isolation"

London After Midnight's 2019 full remix of their first 1991 album "Selected Scenes from the End of the World: 9119"

London After Midnight's 2007 album "Violent Acts of Beauty"

ARE LAM CDs AVAILABLE IN MY LOCAL STORE?: Yes, all LAM albums are available to all stores. YOU can assure they stock LAM merch by asking your local CD store to order LAM's albums, shirts, etc, for you. ANY store can easily order any LAM albums in print. LAM's new label, Darkride Records, is in the process of re-releasing all older albums and new LAM releases. Join the mailing list for updates. PLEASE help LAM by demanding your local stores carry LAM CDs. Just ask them! See the Street Team page for more ways to help.

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