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London After Midnight News

Upcoming Concert dates, 2023:

    May 13 2023 London After Midnight performs with Sisters of Mercy, Ministry, Killing Joke, Placebo, Ville Valo, System Of A Down, Korn, and many more at the Sick New World festival at the Las Vegas Fairgrounds. Tickets at

    gotm 2022

(more announcements coming, join the Mailing List for updates! Please tell your local clubs and festivals to bring LAM to your city. Fan input makes a difference!)

Past Concert Dates up to 2022:

    Sept 16 2022 CANCELLED due to park changing conditions after tickets started selling! London After Midnight headlines Goth On The Mountain event at Six Flags Magic Mountain in Valencia California (just north of Los Angeles). Goths and punks literally take over the park, dark music throughout park, all rides open, no general public admittance, and much more!

    gotm 2022

    July 24 2022 London After Midnight headlines Amphi Festival in Cologne Germany (originally scheduled for 2020, then 2021, postponed both times due to pandemic).

    Amphi 2022

    May 14 and 15, 2022 The Cruel World Festival is back, and has added a second day! London After Midnight performs with Bauhaus, Blondie, and many more at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, California!.

    Cruel World 2022

    October 31 2021 CANCELED LAM has canceled their appearance as co-headliner at the Sinner's Day festival in Belgium due to the ongoing pandemic. In a statement from LAM, Sean Brennan said "London After Midnight announces the regrettable cancellation of our appearance at the Sinner's Day festival in Belgium this October 2021. Due to the ongoing pandemic, the rising infections in the USA and similar projections possible for parts of Europe as we enter autumn, we feel the most responsible thing to do is cancel all live events until 2022. LAM has never cancelled a concert in the past and we feel terrible doing so now. Please stay safe, wear a mask, and get vaccinated. The good news is this gives LAM time to release the new album "Oddities Too", and start work on the next album. Please see and all official LAM social media for details".

    June 7 2019 London After Midnight headlines Kyttaro Live club in Athens Greece.

    June 9 2019 London After Midnight headlines Wave Gotik Treffen in Leipzig Germany (main stage Agra Hall).

    May 3rd 2019 London After Midnight headlines the Convergence 25 Festival on May 3 in Boston MA at Brighton Music Hall.

    Convergence 25

    August 11, 2018 London After Midnight headlines the indoor stage at M'era Luna in Hildesheim Germany! Also performing - The Prodigy, Front 242, Ministry, 69 Eyes, and many more!

LAM @ WGT 2015

  • May 24 2015 London After Midnight co-headlines the 2015 Wave Gothic Treffen festival in Leipzig Germany!

    Summer 2014 London After Midnight headlines/co-headlines 2014 Summer Tour:

  • July 18 Dresden Germany at Reithalle Dresden.

  • July 19 Bolkow Poland at Castle Party Festival.

  • July 20 Frankfurt Germany at Das Bett.

  • July 22 Ekaterineburg Russia at Tele Club.

  • July 24 Moscow Russia at Club Volta.

  • July 25 St. Petersburg Russia at Zal Ozhidaniya.

  • July 26 Helsinki Finland at Tavastia.

  • July 27 Cologne Germany at Amphi Festival.

  • Aug 30 Los Angeles CA, USA at The Roxy Theatre (SOLD OUT).

London After Midnight headlines various dates:

  • September 6th 2013 London After Midnight co-headlines the Triton Festival (at Irving Plaza) in New York City.

  • Oct 27 2012 London After Midnight headlines Jose Cuervo Salon in Mexico City.

  • Nov 14 2009 London After Midnight headlines the Plage Noire Festival (Saturday night) in Germany.

Sept 2008 London After Midnight headlines the Un-American Tour, October-November 2008:

  • October 14 Berlin Germany at K17.
  • October 15 Copenhagen Denmark at The Rock.
  • October 16 Helsinki Finland at Nosturi.
  • October 17 Moscow Russia at Tochka.
  • October 18 Zaandam Netherlands at Kade.
  • October 19 Warsaw Poland at Progresja.
  • October 21 Athens Greece at Gagarin.
  • October 22 Thessaloniki Greece at Mylos.
  • October 25 London UK at Carling Acadamy Islington.
  • November 22 Mexico City Mexico at Circo Volador.

UnAmerican Tour dates May-July 2008:

  • May 11 2008 Leipzig Germany. London After Midnight headlines the Wave Gothic Treffen (Agra Hall stage).
    Fan meeting/autograph session at 1pm at CineStar Theater.
  • May 21 Tempe Arizona at the Marquee Theatre (with MSI).
  • May 23 San Francisco California at the Grand Ballroom (with MSI).
  • May 24 Los Angeles California at the Wiltern Theater (with MSI).
  • May 25 Las Vegas Nevada at the House of Blues.
  • June 5 Portland Oregon.
  • June 6 Seattle Washington at El Corazon.
  • June 8 Salt Lake City Utah at The Dark Arts Festival.
  • June 9 Denver Colorado at Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom.
  • June 11 Kansas City Missouri.
  • June 13 Chicago Illinois at Metro.
  • June 14 Columbus Ohio CANCELLED due to booking agent dishonesty. See LAM Community for details).
  • June 18 New Haven Connecticut at Toads Place.
  • June 19 Washington DC at Town.
  • June 20 New York City at Don Hill's.
  • June 22 Nashville Tennessee at Salvation.
  • June 25 Atlanta Georgia at The Masquerade.
  • June 27 West Palm Beach Florida.
  • June 30 Austin Texas.
  • July 2 El Paso Texas.
  • September 5 Hollywood California at The Knitting Factory.

London After Midnight headlines the Orkus International Tour, October-November 2007:

  • October 27, Waregem Belgium at The Steeple.
  • October 28, Paris France at La Locomotive.
  • October 29, Nurnburg Germany at Hirsch.
  • October 30, Leipzig Germany at Anker.
  • October 31, Berlin Germany at Columbia Club.
  • November 1, Krefeld Germany at Kulturfabrik.
  • November 2, Hannover Germany at Capital.
  • November 3, Magdeburg Germany at Factory.
  • November 4, Ludwigsburg at Rockfabrik.
  • November 6, Milan Italy at Music Drome.
  • November 7, Salzburg Austria at Rockhaus.
  • November 8, Vienna Austria at Arena.
  • November 9, Thessaloniki Greece at Ydrogeios.
  • November 10, Lisbon Portugal at Cine Teatro Corroio.
  • November 11, Barcelona Spain at Apolo 2.

Dec 2004

  • December 18 2004, London After Midnight headline the Roxy Theater in Hollywood CA.

  • July 17th, 2004, LAM performs at the Zillo Festival in Germany, with Alien Sex Fiend and Skinny Puppy.

  • July 16th, 2004, LAM performs at the Dour Festival in Belgium.

Roxy 2004

  • March 13, 2004, London After Midnight headline The Roxy Theater in Los Angeles.

Roxy Concert

  • July 25th 2003, London After Midnight headline The Roxy Theater West Hollywood, CA.

  • June 20th 2003, LAM headlines day one of the Convention of Alternative Music 2003 in Mexico City, Mexico at the Circo Volador.
  • August 11th 2002 LAM performs as 3rd position headliner at the M'era Luna festival in Hildesheim Germany. LAM performed with HIM and Soft Cell. A fan meeting/autograph session took place at the Sonic Seducer magazine booth on Saturday August 10th at 2:30-4:30 pm.

  • June 2, 2001 London After Midnight headlines the WGT Festival in Leipzig Germany. Autograph session held at the Sonic Seducer magazine booth at 3-4 pm on Sunday June 3.

Whisky Concert

  • July 20, 2001, Hollywood, California. LAM headlines the Whisky a Go-Go in Los Angeles California.

  • July 28, 2001, Mexico City. LAM headlines at Salon 21 in Mexico City with fan meetings and press conferences.

  • August 3, 2001, in Santiago Chile. LAM headlines at Blondie (Av. Bernardo O'Higgins 2879 Santiago de Chile) in Santiago Chile.

  • August 5, 2001, in Buenos Aires Argentina. LAM headlines at Palacio Alsina (Alsina 930 Capital Federal) in Buenos Aires Argentina.

  • August 10, 2001, in West Palm Beach Florida. LAM headlines the Orbit, 3637 S. Federal Hwy, Boynton Beach, FL (near West Palm Beach). This is the only southeast show in the USA. Sponsored by the Fetish Factory.

  • August 11, 2001, in Atlanta Georgia. LAM headlines the Masquerade.

  • August 14, 2001, in New York City. LAM headlines the Limelight , 660 6th Avenue & 20th St. in new York City. Tickets available at Ticket Master.

  • August 14th 2000, LAM headlines at the Ruby in Hollywood. E! Entertainment films the event for their LA Nightlife specials (see interviews page for more info).

  • LAM was scheduled to co-headline the Euro-Rock Festival in Neerpelt Belgium on August 5th, 2000. However festival promoters failed to provide plane tickets and advance payment to LAM as they were contractually obliged to do.

  • June 7th 2000 UPDATE! London After Midnight has canceled their appearance at the Leipzig WGT Festival scheduled for June 11th 2000 in Leipzig Germany due to the promoters not fulfilling their contractual obligations. Read the Press Release for more info.

  • October 31, 1998 headlining the Fetish Ball at the Variety Arts Center Los Angeles.

  • August 15th 1998 in Hildeshiem Germany co-headlining with The Cure at the Zillo Magazine Festival.

  • Sept 26 1997 headlining at Vooruit, St. Pietersnieuwstraat 23 Gent Belgium.

  • Sept 28 1997 headlining at Bandini, Stationsstraat 149, Waregem Belgium. This concert is an acoustic/ethereal performance where LAM performed rare, new, remixed and acoustic songs for the release "Oddities".

  • Oct 2 1997 headlining at Bürgerhaus, Fichtestr. 50, Dreieich-Sprendlingen Germany. LAM performed rare, new, remixed and acoustic songs. Sponsored by Zillo Magazine.

Tour 4
  • Headlining the Sixth Wave Meeting Leipzig, Germany May 18, 1997.

January '97 - February '97: (Headlining all shows)

  • January 31-February 1 in Mexico City headlining at Rockotitlan .

  • Feb 7 in Orlando Florida headlining at Club Z.

  • Feb 8 in Atlanta GA headlining at Masquerade.

  • Feb 10 headlining in New Orleans (club name unknown).

  • Feb 16 in New York City headlining at the Angel Orensantz Foundation Synagogue.

September - December '96 :UK and USA (Headlining all shows)

  • Sept. 28 headlining at Whitby Goth Weekend.

  • Date. in Birmingham UK (venue name unknown).

  • Sept. 19 headlining in Dublin Ireland at the Ormond Multimedia Centre Festival.

  • Sept 21 headlining in Scotland at the Rat Trap.

  • Oct. 3 headlining in London England at the Camden Palace.

  • December 23 in Hollywood CA headlining at Perversion. Portion of proceeds donated by Sean to benefit PeTA.

Tour 3

June/July '96: The Psycho Magnet Tour (Headlining all shows)

  • June 14 in Hildesheim Germany at Zillo Open Air Festival .

  • June 16 in Modena Italy headlining at Imperium.

  • June 18 in Bochum Germany headlining at Zeche.

  • June 19 in Herford Germany headlining at Kick.

  • June 21 Waregem Belgium headlining at The Steeple.

  • June 22 in Mannheim Germany headlining at Juz.

  • June 26 in Hamburg Germany headlining at Kir Büro.

  • June 27 in Berlin Germany headlining at Insel Der Jugend.

  • June 28 in Zöblitz Germany headlining at Alternatives Zentrum.

  • June 29 in Munich Germany headlining at Backstage.

  • July 1-3 in The Netherlands headlining (venue name unknown)

  • July 4 in Freiburg Germany headlining at Crasch.

  • July 5 in Leipzig Germany headlining at Sommertage II Open Air.

Tour 2

Dec-Jan '95/'96 (Headlining all shows)

  • December 14 headlining in Paris France (venue name unknown).

  • December 17-23 in Germany headlining the Zillo Magazine Winter Festival.

  • December 26 in Bochum Germany headlining the Diva Festival.

  • December 29 in London England headlining at Camden Underworld .(secret show at Monarch Club January 2)

  • January 4 in New York City headlining at Limelight.

  • January 6 in New York City headlining at Batcave.

  • Additional headlining concert dates throughout Latin America.

Tour 1

July-September '95 (Headlining all shows)

  • July 15 in Los Angeles headlining at The Roxy Theater.

  • July 28 in Strasbourg France headlining at the Darkwave Festival.

  • August 1 headlining in Manchester England (venue name unknown).

  • August 2 headlining in Leeds England (venue name unknown).

  • August 3 in Glasgow Scotland headlining at the Rat Trap.

  • August 4 in London England at the Camden Underworld.

  • August 5 headlining in Birmingham England at the Mercat.

  • September included headlining concert dates in Mexico City.

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