London After Midnight

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Mera Luna 2024

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Wave Gotik Treffen

London After Midnight headlines various dates:

2008 tour London After Midnight headlines the Un-American Tour, October-November 2008:

UnAmerican Tour dates May-July 2008:

London After Midnight headlines the Orkus International Tour, October-November 2007:

dec 2004

roxy 2004

roxy 2003

Whisky concert 2001

Tour 4

January '97 - February '97: (Headlining all shows)

September - December '96 :UK and USA (Headlining all shows)

Tour 3

June/July '96: The Psycho Magnet Tour (Headlining all shows)

Tour 2

Dec-Jan '95/'96 (Headlining all shows)

Tour 1

July-September '95 (Headlining all shows)

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