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pain Animal Rights, veganism, etc...

  • Free Vegetarian Starter Kit- Get your free vegetarian starter kit from PeTA, which will help you live healthily and happliy without eating dead animals.
  • Compassion Action for Animals- if you can look at the way "food" animals are treated and still eat meat, you have problems.
  • PeTA- People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.
  • Vegan Action- more information on Veganism.

vote Politics, News and more

  • Common Dreams- All the news you need to know. Updated daily.
  • Democracy Now!- A daily news program hosted by award-winning journalist Amy Goodman. The daily shows are recorded, so you can watch them any time.
  • Independent news reporting.
  • The Young Turks- News.
  • Another news magazine site.
  • Ralph Nader- Ralph Nader, consumer advocate, presidential candidate and all around great guy.
  • Rock The Vote- hey kids, next time there's an election, VOTE. Don't let people make decisions for you. You can register to vote online.

Music and vegan shopping

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