UPDATED June 8th, 2000

London After Midnight Press Release: for immediate release

UPDATE: All bands involved in the Wave Gothic Treffen (festival) experienced similar problems. The festival decalred bankruptcy and was canceled after one day. The festival organizers are now wanted by the German police.

London After Midnight has canceled their scheduled appearance at this years Wave Gothic Festival (WGT) in Leipzig Germany. The band were to headline the festival on Sunday June 11th.

The band has canceled because the WGT organizers have not fulfilled their contractual obligations to the band, one of which (and certainly most important) was the airline tickets they were to supply the band for travel from the USA to Europe.

The band was scheduled to leave for Germany on June 8th. As of June 8th the band had still not received the plane tickets. Also, due to reported internal power struggles and money problems, the WGT organization have failed to respond to the band's repeated requests for any information, advance deposit for the performance and confirmation of the band's technical rider.

The band was to receive plane tickets, advance pay and confirmation of their minimal technical rider at least 3 weeks prior to the festival. After the WGT organizers had problems working out these simple things within the original time frame, the band generously gave them until the day before they were scheduled to leave for Germany (June 8th) to sort this out! The band was assured by the WGT organization that the plane tickets would arrive in time for the band to travel. However, they never arrived and the band could not purchase plane tickets for itself and crew on such short notice becasue the airlines are booked well in advance. Needless to say, LAM is very displeased with the WGT Festival's lack of professionalism and utter disregard for the fans who will attend the festival.

LAM's priority is performing and not disappointing their fans. Money is not the issue. The main issue is the WGT organization did not provide the promised airline tickets, which has now forced the band to cancel, and this is inexcusable.

LAM has performed at the WGT Festival on two occasions in the past and the events went smoothly and professionally. This years festival is an absolute mess. Many bands are experiencing the same problems along with the security, lighting and sound companies who are supposed to work the festival.

LAM is very sorry for this as they looked forward to the festival, put in long hours of rehearsal and went to great expense to prepare for the concert, but they had no control over the Leipzig Wave Gothic Festival's inner workings and complete lack of professionalism. The band apologizes to all their fans who planned on attending the performance (which would have introduced LAM's new drummer and many new songs to the public for the first time).

LAM will now return to the studio to continue work on their next CD, due out in 2001. They will do some concerts in Los Angeles over the summer of 2000 and may appear in Europe for one or two festivals in August. More news, as it develops, will be posted to the LAM website.

The band will also release an EP of old demos to MP3.com in mid-June entitled Oddities 2. More information to come on the LAM website.

Again, LAM apologizes to all their fans.

London After Midnight

PS: If you go to the Leipzig WGT festival this year, make sure you spread the word as to why LAM was forced to cancel their performance as many will be wondering what happened who do not have internet access.

(Note: The press release will also be given to Orkus, Zillo, Sonic Seducer and all the other music press in Europe)

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